Current and completed PhDs

Current PhDs

Yasmin Barghi, The First Visual Dimension of the Khamsa of Nizami

Marouf Cabi, The Impact of the Modernisation of Iran on the Kurdish Society (1920-1979): Modernity, Modernisation, and Social Change

Laura Castro Royo, The mythical bird Sīmurgh in the text and iconography of Medieval Persia

Christine Conlon, Burkett and Beyond: a sociocultural investigation into the making practices and use of felt textiles by settled and pastoralist communities in post-revolutionary Iran

Laura Conroy, The Influence of Achaemenid Royal Ideology on Alexander the Great

Philip Grobien, Iranian Irredentism and the Paris Peace conference 1919

Phil Hopkins, Can I Play with Madness? American Missionaries in Iran during the 1960s and 1970s

Zac Einerson, Sporting the Nation: Modernization and Physical Culture in Pahlavi Iran

Salour Evaz Malayeri, The Critique of Ideology and Resistance in Naser-e Khosrow’s Poetry

Heather Robinson, Iran’s Role in Afghanistan from Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to the Islamic Republic: Leveraging Influence for Regional Supremacy

Parnian Sadeghi, Myth and mobilisation in contemporary Iranian foreign policy

Parisa Sajjadi, Utopia in Modern Persian Poetry (1941-1988)

Hemn Seyedi, Kurdish parties in post- Revolutionary Iran. A study of Nationalist Politics in a multi- national society

Farshad Sonboldel, Marginal Pioneer Poetry between the 1920s and 1960s in Iran

Reza Zarghamee, Between History and Legend: The Classical Accounts of Median and Early Achaemenid Royalty in the Context of Iranian Legendary Tradition

Completed PhDs

James Carey, The Mechanics of Diplomacy between the East Roman and Sasanian Empires in Late Antiquity (c. 485-630 CE) (2016)

Michael Pye, In the belly of the bear ? Soviet-Iranian relations during the reign of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi (2015)

David Stokes, A Failed Alliance and expanding horizons: Relations between the Austrian Habsburgs and the Safavid Persians in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (2014)

David Bagot, State and Aristocracy in the Sasanian Empire (2014)

Berenike Walburg, The Persian Gateway: International Trade between the Seventh and Ninth Centuries’  (2013) [Posthumously]

Chris LaRossa, The Development of Islamic Political Thought in relation to the West during the mid-twentieth century

Laleh Gomari-Luksch, Realism, rationalism and revolutionism in Iran’s foreign policy : the West, the state and Islam