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Iran, Islam and Democracy: The Politics of Managing Change

Professor Ali Ansari will discuss the ideas that informed his book on political change in the Islamic Republic, the structure of the new state as it took shape under President Rafsanjani and the struggles to define it…

Inaugural Sarikhani Prizes Awarded

The first Sarikhani Prize has been awarded jointly to two undergraduate students on the ‘A Survey of Islamic Art’ (AH3131), taught by Dr Ilse Sturkenboom, for their visual analysis papers.

Re-orienting Ancient Persia

RE-ORIENTING ANCIENT PERSIA ST ANDREWS, 17-18 SEPTEMBER 2018 Monday 17 September 10-10.15 Welcome 10.15-11.30 John Lee (University of California Santa Barbara) Visions of Achaemenid Persia in U.S. Education, ca.…