The Institute of Iranian Studies is globally recognised for its outstanding breadth of coverage and track record of excellence in teaching and research on Iran and the Persianate world. We support a large, active and diverse undergraduate and postgraduate community, organising research seminars and symposia. The Institute takes pride in offering a relaxed but stimulating environment in which staff and students contribute equally to the creation of a collegial and friendly atmosphere. Several members of staff have taught in Europe and in North America and have experience of international teaching practice.

Approximately 20 postgraduate students make a significant and valuable contribution to the intellectual life of the Institute, pursuing research that brings a distinctive multi- and interdisciplinary perspective to the study of Iranian studies and the Persianate world. The Institute’s strong research environment is also evident in a wealth of events and activities. These include a seminar series that brings major academic figures to St Andrews, conferences and many other less formal events held throughout the year.