Conference support

The Institute for Iranian Studies is keen to support the dissemination of advanced research in all fields relating to Iranian Studies through conferences and workshops organised by University of St Andrews students and members of staff. The budget is limited, but the Committee will consider applications for:

(a) organisational assistance (including advertising on our website)
(b) booking of rooms, including the use of Parliament Hall and/or St John’s House as a venue
(c) financial assistance, budget permitting

Level of award: No awards will be for more than £1,000 and may be subject to budget constraints

Closing dates: Applications will be considered at Committee meetings, held at least once a semester.

Applications must include:

(a) an outline of the academic purpose and content of the conference/workshop
(b) a list of speakers, invited and proposed
(c) a detailed budget, including other sources of funding

All applicants should also apply for external funding wherever possible.

Successful applicants will be required to provide a short report on the event which will be uploaded to the Institute’s website. This should include the final programme and, preferably, images/photographs as well.

Contact: Dr Tim Greenwood, [email protected]

Conferences and workshops supported
7-8 September 2022
Iran and Persianate Culture in the Indian Ocean World

29 April 2021
The Tudeh Party of Iran at 80: A Critical Re-Appraisal and Re Evaluation

27th May 2019
The 1953 Roots of 1979
31 May 2019
The Iranian Revolution at 40: Source Perspectives and Criticism
13-14 April 2019
Fourth Biennial Symposia Iranica
17-18 September 2018
Re-orienting Ancient Persia
27-28 October 2017
Iskandar’s Splendour: Art Patronage and Representation at the Court of Iskandar b. ‘Umar Shaykh
11-12 April 2017
Third Biennial Symposia Iranica
17-20 June 2016
Culture and Cultural Production in Iran: Past and Present
21-24 April 2016
The Architecture of the Iranian World 1000-1250
8-9 April 2015
Second Biennial Symposia Iranica
12-13 June 2014
Kingship in Ancient Iran
13-14 April 2013
First Biennial Symposia Iranica
7-9 March 2013
Eastern Iran and Transoxiana 750-1150 Conference
9-11 April 2010
The Shahnameh and Identity in the Persianate World
10-13 September 2009
Iranian Historiography in Comparative Perspective
13-14 March 2009
Sasanian Historiography & modern Iranian identity