Institute of Iranian Studies Collection

Established in 2006, the Institute of Iranian Studies Collection (IISC) is one of eight named modern collections at St Andrews. It supports the teaching and research of the Institute of Iranian Studies and consists of a substantial Persian language library of around 8,000 books. The Collection is the largest resource of its kind in Europe and offers a wide array of primary and secondary source material. It is available to any interested scholar, subject to a letter of introduction and registration with the University Library.

The Collection includes a growing list of Persian language DVDs in addition to historic and current journals, newspapers and periodicals, such as Ayandeh, Talim va Tarbiat, Adineh, Iran-e Farda, Iranshahr, and Kaveh. More broadly, the University Library stocks a broad catalogue of print books, textbooks, reference works, encyclopaedia, monographs and journals covering the full breadth of Iranian and Persian studies in English, as well as works in French, German and Italian, in addition to a growing number available for reference online. Inter-library and postal loans are also available.